This is Sarah's Collection of her 6. Semester at the AMD Berlin. Most of the fabrics are from interloom.org, a sustaibable fabric showroom in Berlin and Siebenblau, a organic fabric store also also located in Berlin. Most of the embroidery is handmade and the embroidery "Now I can marry a bad boy" is done by Stickzentrum Berlin with the Gütermann rPET yarn. The  whole collection is vegan and waived on usual luxury goods like fur and leather.

Additive Manufacturing is used in the cllection I CAN NOW for 3D printed buttons and accessories. The accessories are 3D printed with recyclable filaments of the company 3dk-Berlin. Sarah Drosdziok used that technology in her concept to waive the button bag and produce accessories, that can be re-cycled for new ones. She used CAD Programes to create the file and printed at Fablab Berlin.

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